Project & Research Papers on Cyber Security - By Vaibhav Jha

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Hack The World Before World Hacks You

Hack the World Before World Hacks You (English, Paperback, Jha Vaibhav) This book will give you the brief insight about Hacking and Cyber Crime. This book will guide you about basic techniques of hacking and even guides you on How you could remain safe from Cyber crime. This book is specially meant for beginners who want to kick start their career in cyber security by seeing fancy hacking techniques.


Towards the prevention of Car Hacking - Published under Indian Journal of Science & Technology

Connectivity provides a safer environment, but it also acts as a backbone to provide attack surface to hackers. There are millions of cars on the road today, and so many are expected to be in future; there might be a risk to the passengers, vehicle drivers, etc. Methods/statistical analysis: This study discusses the issue of car hacking which is one of the real threats to automobile as well as automation, and how we can prevent it by studying the details about the controller area network (CAN) bus architecture so that the auto manufacturer gives more emphasis to developing a secure vehicular information system.